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Plantation Foods

By 1st Premier Custard

We are working to build a genuine trade name among stakeholders in food manufacturing industries in sub Sahara Africa

Plantation of good Nutrition

We welcome, encourage and support both small and medium scale businesses to the best of our capacity.


  • To reduce high-level of wastefulness and spoilage in agricultural produce and converts it to good, nutritive and health food product
  • To convert raw agricultural produce to good, quality, nutritive and healthy food products.
  • We are also determined to reduce the menace and effect of hunger and mal nutrition in Nigeria and sub Sahara Africa country through processing and production of raw agricultural produce into nutritive, healthy and hygienic food products

Plantation Foods is always available at meeting customers’ demands. We as a team has equally joined hands together to promoting our product and satisfying the needs of customers and ensuring customer’s needs are granted even at their door step.